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The following prices are a guide only, when attending your free consultation a more accurate pricing will be available based on your specific requirements. We are very happy to provide a tailored treatment plan to best suit your needs. Just ask!


Full Face, Neck & Décolletage£6502 hours 30 mins.
Full Face & Neck£5992 hours
Full Face£4991 hours 15 mins.
Jawline & Neck£3501 hour
Jawline£32545 mins.
Décolletage£2501 hour
10% discount available for Students & NHS employees with ID.

Our most popular packages

Full prices will be given upon ConsultationSingle Treatments
(Pay as you go)
Course of 6 treatments
(save 20%)
3 maintenance Treatments
Lip & Chin£85£433£229
Lower Legs, Underarms & Brazilian£220£1,122£594
Full Back & Shoulders£220£1,122£594

10% discount available for Students & NHS employees with ID.


About Laser Hair Removal

Can I have hair removed anywhere?

Almost anywhere, definitely yes! From the whole body to just a couple of hairs on the chin.

Is it expensive?

We regularly have great deals and discounts available and if you pay for the package in advance you will definitely save money.

To shave or not to shave?

Yes please! Always shave before you come for treatment as the laser needs direct contact with your skin and it will be much better for you shaving from the comfort of your own home. Just think, it will be one of the last times you will ever have to again!


Let's say it is slightly uncomfortable but totally manageable, like a rubber band snapping followed by a cool sensation.  Do note though, leaving it too long between sessions can increase the pain, so go with your practioners advise.

How long does it take?

It's surprisingly quick, as little as 15 minutes for underarms to 30  for Brazilian.

Will Results Vary?

The darker the hair the better the results! We will always advise you of what results to expect for your colouring when you attend your free consultation.

Are you going on holiday?

We recommend that you don't get a tan (on holiday or at a salon) at least four weeks before and two weeks after each treatment. Autumn/Winter is an ideal time of year ready for you to hit the beach with the new, smoother you.



Wrinkle relaxing injectionsReduce and relax the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
1 Area£150
2 Areas£195
3 Areas£250
Hyperhidrosis:Treatment for the condition of increased perspiration (excessive sweating).
Dermal FillersDermal Fillers are an anti-aging injectable treatment that plumps and lifts the skin leaving it smooth and youthful. Prices vary depending on the course of treatment recommended by the Practitioner. Please book your Free Consultation with us.

10% discount available for Students & NHS employees with ID.


 Single Treatment
(pay as you go)
Course of 3 TreatmentsCourse of 6 Treatments
Level 1 - Tailored Facial
Using a range of our amazing products to suit your skins individual needs.
Level 2 - Skin Resurfaces
Resurfaces are superficial exfoliating treatments, meaning they work on the superficial layers of skin. Resurfaces can address several conditions through the use of acids and enzymes.
Glycolic Level 1 and 2 | Lactic Acid | Power peptide | Primary and power pumpkin£60£162£306
Level 3 - Introductory Peels
Working on the deeper layers of skin but without the peeling
Mandelic Acid | C-infusion | Salicylic
Level 4 - Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have the ability to work on the deeper layers of the skin therefore treating damage deeper in the skin such as acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Jessners | Skinbrite | TCA£120£324£612
Level 5 - Advanced Chemical Peels
Mixing a combination of resurfaces and acids during the same treatment.
Laser Rejuvenation Treatment

The laser emits heat into the skin to activate collagen and elastin production and results in tightening and brightening your skin.

Laser Acne Treatment

This treatment stunts the sebaceous gland, resulting in the decreasing of oil being produced and resulting in less outbreaks.


10% discount available for Students & NHS employees with ID.



1 Treatment2 Treatments3 Treatments

10% discount available for Students & NHS employees with ID.

About Skin Needling

Our Simply Skin eDermastamp micro-needling device is super precise & very quick, when stimulating new collagen production. Features a disposable cartridge housing multi micro-needles, th device stamps the skin creating micro-piercings.This encourages the body’s natural ability to re-grow a new and healthier skin layer.Proven to be excellent at repairing acne scars & improving your skins texture and pore size, it also softens fine lines.

Micro needling is safe and effective with a significantly shorter recovery periods than other techniques. Within 3 sessions you’ll have smoother, healthier skin.

Is Skin Needling Right for You?

Skin or Micro needling uses the bodies natural healing processes and so is a kind, quick and effective option, not to mention a cost effective one compared to other more invasive treatments.

How does it work?

A lack of collagen results in scars, blotches, stretch marks & wrinkles. Micro needling helps by boosting collagen production to your skin, which assists in stopping these skin problems and the removal of existing problems.

Does it hurt?

Micro needling is a quick process though you will feel a small amount discomfort and tingling during your treatment. A numbing cream applied in advance helps with this discomfort. Upto 3-5 days after treatment your skin could feel a little red, tight and warm, which is normal.

Test Patch£20
1 Treatment3 Treatments
Very Minor (one broken vessel)£40
Minor (nose)£65£175
Intermediate (nose, chin, )£125£337
Major (nose, chin and cheeks)£180£486
Minor (5cm by 5cm)£90£243
Intermediate (15cm by 15cm)£145£390
Major (20cm +)

For larger areas prices will be given upon consultation.


10% discount available for Students & NHS employees with ID.


Our Laser treatments for age spots (liver spots) offer a quick and painless way to reduce the brown spots on your face or body.
Laser treatments help destroy melanin-producing cells without damaging your skin and usually require two to three sessions. Following treatment age spots fade gradually over weeks or months.

1 Treatment for 1 age spot = £30

Multiple spot prices can be given upon attendance of a FREE Consultation.