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Acne Treatments at Simply Skin in OldhamAcne Scarring

Over time your acne can result in discoloured uneven skin texture and tone. This scarring is caused by the trauma your skin suffers from these past lesions,  from mild macular (red or brown skin) to deep and pitted scarring.

At Simply Skin we can help restore your skins natural colour, improving texture and firmness, so encouraging elastin & collagen to be stimulated.

Your course of treatment will depend on the severity of your scarring, therefore we always recommend a free no obligation consultation. Treatments may be via chemical peel, however, sometimes deeper lesions require laser treatment or minor surgery.
If scarring is very deep your Practitioner may refer you to see a Consult Dermatologist.

Together we can start your journey and discover better skin.


Welcome to the Dermablate Fractional Laser, an ideal alternative for treating hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.