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At Simply Skin Oldham we ensure that our prices are competitive and flexible, whilst always providing the highest quality treatment and customer service.

We are helping to change lives everyday with services priced to suit your pocket, from pay as you go to recommended courses with big savings.

Please note: Card details are required when booking. Cancellations or changes to appointments within 24 hours of an appointment time or missing an appointment will result in a fee of £25.00 per booking being taken. (Applies to all consultations & follow up appointments)

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Developed by Asclepion, the Detmablate Laser is the highest performing Er:YAG laser technology for effective skin resurfacing rejuvenation and tightening. The Dermablate Fractional Laser is an ideal solution for treating hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, sun damage, fine lines, dark under eye circles & small scars/acne scarring.
Area1 x Treatment3 x Treatments
Saving 20%
Upper Lip£250£600
Eyes (upper & lower)£300£720
Cheeks (acne scarring)£350£840
Lower face£400£960
Lower face & neck£500£1200
Lower face, neck & decollate£600£1440
Full face£600£1440
Full face & neck£650£1560
Full face, neck & decollate£750£1800
BODY - Stretchmarks/scarring/rejuvenation:
Minor - e.g. hands/knees/small area scarring£250£600
Intermediate - e.g. lower abdomen/waist/inner thigh/chest£450£1080
Major - e.g. abdomen & waist/upper back£600£1440

Laser Hair Removal

(Pay as you go)
3 x
8 x 8 x Special
Offer EXTRA 30% OFF
Consultation & Patch Test
Centre Brow
£30£54 (£18 each)£128 (£16 each)NOW £89 (£11 each)
Lip / Sideburns
£50£108 (£36 each)£256 (£32 each)NOW £179 (£24 each)
Chin / Cheeks / Jawline / Neck
£80£189 (£63 each)£448 (£56 each)NOW £313 (£39 each)
Lip & Chin / Jawline & Chin / Jaw & Upper Lip
£90£216 (£72 each)£512 (£64 each)NOW £358 (£45 each)
Jawline, Lip & Chin
£100£243 (£81 each)£576 (£72 each)NOW £403 (£50 each)
Half Face & Neck
£120£297 (£99 each)£704 (£88 each)NOW £493 (£62 each)
Full Face & Neck
£140£351 (£117 each)£832 (£104 each)NOW £582 (£73 each)
Navel / Nipples / Hands / Feet
£60£135 (£45 each)£320 (£40 each)NOW £244 (£28 each)
Underarms / Bikini Line
£80£189 (£63 each)£448 (£56 each)NOW £314 (£39 each)
Lower arms / Upper arms / Lower Back / Abdomen / Chest / Brazilian or Hollywood
£100£243 (£81 each)£576 (£72 each)NOW £403 (£50 each)
Buttocks / Bikini & Underarms
£120£297 (£99 each)£704 (£88 each)NOW £493 (£62 each)
Lower Legs / Thighs / Hollywood & Underarms / Full Arms
£150£378 (£126 each)£896 (£112 each)NOW £627 (£78 each)
Lower Leg, any Bikini & Underarms
£210£540 (£180 each)£1280 (£160 each)NOW £896 (£112 each)
Full Legs / Back & Shoulders / Chest & Abdomen
£270£702 (£234 each)£1664 (£208 each)NOW £1164 (£146 each)
Full Legs & Underarms / Full Legs & Bikini / Back, Shoulders & Upper arms
£290£756 (£252 each)£1792 (£224 each)NOW £1254 (£157 each)
Full Legs & Hollywood or Brazilian/ Full Legs, Underarms & Bikini
£310£810 (£270 each)£1920 (£240 each)NOW £1344 (£168 each)
Full Legs, Underarms & Hollywood or Brazilian
£330£864 (£288 each)£2048 (£256 each)NOW £1434 (£179 each)
BASIC FULL BODY — Arms, full legs, under-arms, bikini (any)
£370£972 (£324 each)£2304 (£288 each)NOW £1613 (£202 each)
MEN’S TORSO — Chest, Abdomen, Underarms, Back & Shoulders
£405£1066 (£355 each)£2528 (£316 each)NOW £1770 (£221 each)
FULL BODY — Face, Underarms, Arms, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Bikini Area, Full Legs, Buttocks
£490£1296 (£432 each)£3072 (£384 each)NOW £2150 (£269 each)
Epilation - For removal of lighter/finer hairs
£30 per 15 minutes

Laser Tattoo Removal

(Pay as you go)
X 4
(save 10%)
X 6
(save 20%)
X 8
(save 30%)
Very minor (up to 3cm²)
£60£216 (£54 each)£288 (£48 each)£336 (£42 each)
Eyebrow area
£90£324 (£81 each)£432 (£72 each)£504 (£63 each)
Minor (4 to 8cm²)
£100£360 (£90 each)£480 (£80 each)£560 (£70 each)
Intermediate (9 to 15cm²)
£130£468 (£117 each)£624 (£104 each)£728 (£91 each)
Major (16 to 20cm²)
£190£684 (£171 each)£912 (£152 each)£1064 (£133 each)
For larger areas prices will be agreed upon consultation.

Facial Treatments

At Simply Skin we offer a wide range of facials to suit all skin types. If you are unsure which would be the best suited for your skin type book in for a free skin assessment & our experienced practitioners will advise.
X1 TreatmentX4 Treatments
(save 10%)
The Million+1 Facial offers a rejuvenating & luxurious treatment, boosting your skin leaving it feeling firmer & brighter. Helps with fine lines, enlarged pores, scarring & skin texture.

Skin Analysis Dermaplaning
Skin Needling Hyaluronic Mask
Restorative & revitalising, Includes:
Skin Analysis Dermaplaning Carbon Laser Treatment Hyaluronic Mask
A Charcoal Mask soaks deep into the pores & once dried is gently blasted off with the laser, leaving the skin smooth & refreshed.
DERMAQUEST FACIALS- No prep required(prices per treatment)
The Simply Skin Hydrfacial is a rejuvenating facial tailored to your skin type incorporating up to 8 steps.
Includes deep cleansing and exfoliation and gentle suction to remove impurities and dead skin cells from pores. High frequency for oily prone skin and ultra sonic to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
Incorporates infusing serums to hydrate and nourish the skin.
1 TreatmentX6 (save 20%)
Acne Prone (face or back)£40£192
A 4 step treatment to include cleansing, hydrating & oxygenating. Includes High-frequency treatment which uses targeted thermal energy to heat up the oil-producing glands. This initiates a process of oxygenation, killing acne-causing bacteria and reducing future breakouts and skin inflammation.
Oily/Congested Skin£75£360
A 6 step facial to include cleansing and hydrating, suction via hydra-dermabrasion to remove impurities, vibrating scrubbing plate to loosen Commedones & High-frequency treatment as above. Finishes with cleanse, moisturising & spf.
Rejuvenating Facial (age 18 - 40) | Anti Aging Rejuvenation Facial (age 40+)£99£475
A tailored 8 step facial including treatments to suit your skin type and age. Includes all treatments as above and with the addition of ultra sonic over a mask & bio-current. Ultra sonic stimulates collagen & elastin for reduced fine lines & wrinkles. It improves colour and plumpness whilst also helping in the reduction of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Bio-current sends gentle waves into the muscles to aid in facial toning. Incorporates hydrating and moisturising serums to further stimulate collagen & elastin.

Broken Veins/Blood Spots

(pay as you go)
X 4
(save 10%)
X 6
(save 20%)
Very Minor (one broken vessel)
Minor (chin)
£90£324 (£81 each)£432 (£72 each)
Intermediate (e.g. nose & chin )
£110£396 (£99 each)£528 (£88 each)
Major (nose, chin and cheeks)
£140£504 ( £126 each)£672 (£112 each)
Minor (4 to 8cm2)
£100£360 (£90 each)£480 (£80 each)
Intermediate (9 to 15cm2)
£140£504 (£126 each)£672 (£112 each)
Major (16 to 20cm2)

£190£684 (£171 each)£912 (£152 each)
For larger areas prices will be given upon consultation.

Body Sculpting & Toning/Pelvic Floor Tightening

1 Treatment per areaCourse of 6 Treatments per area*
Abdomen/Inner Thighs/Bottom or Upper ArmsNormal Price £99 Offer Price £320
Pelvic Floor (magnetically stimulated pelvic floor exercises - non invasive)Normal Price £99 Offer Price £320
6 treatments recommended within a 3 week period (2 treatments per week, 30 minutes per treatment)
No Downtime.
* offer price applies when paying for a course of 6 upfront

Skin Tag & Milia Removal

1 Treatment
1 Tag£80
Additional Tags£20 per tag
Milia (depending on size)£60 - £200

mesoestetic® Chemical Peels & Needling

mesoestetic® medical skin peels are the ultimate anti-aging treatment. These gentle peels decongest pores while hydrating the skin to achieve visible, long term results. mesoestetic® peels address skin concerns ranging from rough, dull and lifeless skin to sun damage, ageing, hyperpigmentation, congestion & oily acne conditions.
Mesopeels1 treatmentRecommended
course of 6 - 2 weeks apart
Prep product kit required at £200 per kit. This is FREE when purchasing the recommended course of 6
Mesopeels with Needling
Prep product kit required at £200 per kit. This is FREE when purchasing the recommended course of 6
Eye PeelsFor treatment of dark circles and fine lines we use a combination of mesopeels & microneedling
Examples of peel acids depending on skin types:
General Skin Rejuvenation/Fine dull skinGlycolic acid 20%, 35% / TCA 15%
Sensitive/Dry/RosaceaLactic Acid 30%, 40%
Oily/Thick skin/Open pores/RejuvenationMandelic Acid 30%, 40%, 50%
Acne/Acne prone/Oily/Acne scarringSalicylic 10%, 20% / Azelan / Jessner
Pigmentation/Sun damageMelanstop

Chemical Peels & Resurfacers

Single Treatment
(pay as you go)
X 4 Treatments - 4 weeks apart
(10% saving)
Skin AssessmentFREE
Advanced Facial£50£180
DermaQuest Resurfacers are mild peels offering superficial exfoliating treatments. This means they work on the very top layer of the skin and use enzymes and acids to refine and exfoliate. They generally have little-to-no downtime following treatment.
Chemical Peels£130£468
Advanced Chemical Peel£160£576

Skin Needling

(pay as you go)
x 6
(save 20%)
Using tailored solutions to target individual concerns
Very Minor (under eyes)£45£216
Full Face£140£672
Full Face & Neck £190 £912
BODY e.g. Abdomen (stretch marks) or upper back (acne)£210£1008
Melasma/Sun damage/Hyper-pigmentation
(cosmelan method)*
cosmelan® is the world's leading professional depigmentation method that acts on skin spots such as melasma & hyperpigmentation. It reduces the formation of new melanin for all types of skin and ethnicities, treating the problem from its origin, removing pigmentation and preventing reappearance.
The cosmelan® peel treatment at Simply Skin Clinic in Oldham is offered by our cosmelan® officially certified practitioner, who has comprehensive knowledge & experience in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and melasma.
*Treatment includes preparation products, prep peel, cosmelan mask1 applied in clinic and removed at home 8-12 hours later & aftercare products.
cosmelan is a 6 month program, products must be continued through the course of treatment as advised by the practitioner.
£1800 (includes treatment & 6 months of products) or pay in instalments

Pigmentation & Sunspots

X 1 TreatmentX 4 Treatments
(save 10%)
Very Minor (one spot)£40
Minor (e.g. cheek bones) £80£288
Intermediate (e.g. cheeks, forehead) £110 £396
Major (full face)£140£504
Body - price upon consultation

Hifu Treatments

X 1 Treatment
Neck & Full Face£499
Full Face £380
Jawline & Neck£320
Jawline & Under Chin£199