Chemical Peels Estelle

Chemical Peels

Skin peels also known as resurfaces or chemical peels are proven to transform, revive and rejuvenate the skin.

At Simply Skin we use a range of Dermaquest peels, which are only available to licensed professionals such as ourselves.

Dermaquest Skin Peels at Simply Skin Oldham


Peels can be used for a number of different reasons and will depend on client suitability and desired outcome.

To establish your main concerns, a full consultation will be carried out by one of our highly experienced clinicians. The skin will be assessed and a tailored treatment plan will be decided to obtain maximum results from your treatments.

Before undergoing any peels in the clinic it is essential the skin is prepared specifically at home by using certain products. When performing any skin peel regardless of depth or strength the skin must be happy, hydrated and protected from the sun.