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Thread Vein Removal

The removal of unsightly thread veins, blood 'cherry' spots and blemishes on the face, body and legs has never been easier with our high-power diode laser which results in an incredibly effective treatment.

The blood in the thread veins readily absorb the light emitted by the laser, while the water in the surrounding skin does not, ensuring effective damage to the blood vessel while protecting the surrounding skin at the same time.

The vessels are ‘erased’ immediately without unattractive purpura (purplish discoloration).

The risk of pigment changes and scarring is also very low.

You can have smooth thread vein free legs and a blemish free face again at Simply Skin in Oldham.

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Broken Veins/Blood Spots

(pay as you go)
X 4
(save 10%)
X 6
(save 20%)
Very Minor (one broken vessel)
Minor (chin)
£90£324 (£81 each)£432 (£72 each)
Intermediate (e.g. nose & chin )
£110£396 (£99 each)£528 (£88 each)
Major (nose, chin and cheeks)
£140£504 ( £126 each)£672 (£112 each)
Minor (4 to 8cm2)
£100£360 (£90 each)£480 (£80 each)
Intermediate (9 to 15cm2)
£140£504 (£126 each)£672 (£112 each)
Major (16 to 20cm2)

£190£684 (£171 each)£912 (£152 each)
For larger areas prices will be given upon consultation.

Before & After


For larger bluish vessels on the legs (to be treated with infrared laser beams), the skin has to be cooled first. This pre-cooling is not recommended for small red vessels, because they contract under cooling – the blood is gone and so there is no absorption, which means there is no effect.

We then scan the affected skin areas with the laser beam. You will feel small pricks, which indicates that the treatment is working. Normally, anesthesia is not necessary.

The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the skin lesion; in most cases, it takes only a few minutes. Depending on size of the lesion, redness and swelling may occur following treatment.
In most cases, you will get the results after a single treatment, which is performed after a thorough examination and consultation. The interval for a second or third treatment should be at least six weeks.
No medical treatment is completely risk-free. Normally, this laser treatment has minimal complications. They can include transient pigment changes (light or brown spots) in the treated area, which last for a few weeks or months after the treatment, and the formation of crusts (that normally heal without leaving any scars).