My Dermablate Laser Treatment at Asclepion Headquarters in Germany

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Hi I’m Hayley, Senior Practitioner here at Simply Skin in Oldham. Recently I undertook advanced training at the Asclepion Laser Treatment Headquarters in Jena, Germany where our Laser originates. During the three days spent at the International Training Centre I decided to have some treatments myself. As a Practitioner I feel it is important to experience the treatments first hand and the successful effects.

I had a treatment using the Dermablate MCL31 – Erbium:YAG Laser, a gold standard laser in dermatology when it comes to highly precise skin fractional skin resurfacing (management of skin imperfections). It allows the safe and gentle removal of a variety of lesions of the epidermis and dermis. It also provides effective treatment for wrinkles and scars such as those caused by acne. The Dermablate Laser leaves no thermal damage to the skin, due to the high water absorption of its wavelength and the highly effective ablative and fractional technology.

The treatment wasn’t very painful,  just felt rather hot. Of course the settings can be increased depending on the reason for treatment and a topical numbing cream may be applied by your Doctor/Practitioner.

I have attached pictures so you can see day by day how my skin healed. It took one week in total for my skin to completely heal, which is quite amazing when you look at the initial images.

Before Treament

Before Treatment
For me personally I was quite concerned with some open pores around my cheeks and chicken pox scars. I have also begun to develop deeper lines around my mouth, which I was feeling self conscious about. Don’t you just love the ageing process!

During Treatment– The treatment took around 20 minutes but the Doctor was training and the students were asking questions etc. I would imagine it would have been done in ten minutes or less in Clinic. No numbing cream was required for this treatment.

After Treatment

After Treatment

Straight after Treatment- My skin felt very warm, I applied a gentle topical cream to soothe it and it felt amazing to be outside in the cold!

After 2 DayAfter 2 Days

You can now see on my face those little squares, this is the fractional part of the laser. It puts little holes into the skin to damage it. Our skin then repairs itself and therefore repairing skin also damaged previously i.e acne scarring or lines and wrinkles.

After 4 days

After 3/4 days

As you can see in this image my skin is so much calmer, it’s unbelievable how it looks compared to just 3 days ago!

Day 5 Looking Good!

This is the first day I felt I was able to wear make up and apply it properly.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my treatment journey! I must say I am really pleased with the results I have experienced after one treatment. The first two days were a little uncomfortable, but given the full healing time was one week, I think that’s pretty amazing.

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Acne Case Study – How Salicyclic Peels help me manage my acne

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Salicyclic Peels at Simply Skin Oldham

I have suffered with acne and oily skin since my early teens & have tried almost every antibiotic, hormonal contraception and topical treatment prescribed by my GP, but found these weren’t a long term solution. I am aware there is no known cure for acne but I find that the salicyclic peels really do help to maintain my skin.

My Treatment at Simply Skin Oldham

When the peel was first applied it felt quite warm then became gradually more stingy. After about 2-3 minutes it did begin to calm down and became more bearable.

Immediately post treatment my face was noticeably red, however I was reassured that this was normal. A soothing hydrating gel was applied along with SPF 50 and I stayed in the clinic for about 30 minutes.

Before being discharged home it had calmed down a lot. I was told to keep moisturising the area and not to apply make up for 24 hours.

The Healing Process

The next day I woke up and to be honest I did not notice any major difference, my skin felt tighter but appeared the same.

Day 2 – My face felt very tight in the morning and a little more dry – I decided not to apply make up but instead moisturised with the B5 gel every few hours (It was Christmas day so luckily my family are used to seeing my bare face!)

Day 3 – The peeling has started. I noticed around my glabella, nasolabial folds and temples that my skin was beginning to flake. I did try not to touch it and continued to hydrate

Day 4 – The peeling was all over my face today and felt a bit tender in some areas. I applied a thick layer of CU3 cream and continued to enjoy the festivities!

Day 5 – The peeling was still quite bad so I continued to hydrate with CU3 and B5 gel.

Day 6 – Back to work! The peeling was very mild today which I was glad about as I don’t like going to work without make up on. My skin felt so much smoother, fresher and I hadn’t had an outbreak.

If you are an acne sufferer I would highly recommend trying salicyclic peels at the Simply Skin Clinic in Oldham – Leisha, District Nurse, Manchester