My Dermablate Laser Treatment at Asclepion Headquarters in Germany

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Hi I’m Hayley, Senior Practitioner here at Simply Skin in Oldham. Recently I undertook advanced training at the Asclepion Laser Treatment Headquarters in Jena, Germany where our Laser originates. During the three days spent at the International Training Centre I decided to have some treatments myself. As a Practitioner I feel it is important to experience the treatments first hand and the successful effects.

I had a treatment using the Dermablate MCL31 – Erbium:YAG Laser, a gold standard laser in dermatology when it comes to highly precise skin fractional skin resurfacing (management of skin imperfections). It allows the safe and gentle removal of a variety of lesions of the epidermis and dermis. It also provides effective treatment for wrinkles and scars such as those caused by acne. The Dermablate Laser leaves no thermal damage to the skin, due to the high water absorption of its wavelength and the highly effective ablative and fractional technology.

The treatment wasn’t very painful,  just felt rather hot. Of course the settings can be increased depending on the reason for treatment and a topical numbing cream may be applied by your Doctor/Practitioner.

I have attached pictures so you can see day by day how my skin healed. It took one week in total for my skin to completely heal, which is quite amazing when you look at the initial images.

Before Treament

Before Treatment
For me personally I was quite concerned with some open pores around my cheeks and chicken pox scars. I have also begun to develop deeper lines around my mouth, which I was feeling self conscious about. Don’t you just love the ageing process!

During Treatment– The treatment took around 20 minutes but the Doctor was training and the students were asking questions etc. I would imagine it would have been done in ten minutes or less in Clinic. No numbing cream was required for this treatment.

After Treatment

After Treatment

Straight after Treatment- My skin felt very warm, I applied a gentle topical cream to soothe it and it felt amazing to be outside in the cold!

After 2 DayAfter 2 Days

You can now see on my face those little squares, this is the fractional part of the laser. It puts little holes into the skin to damage it. Our skin then repairs itself and therefore repairing skin also damaged previously i.e acne scarring or lines and wrinkles.

After 4 days

After 3/4 days

As you can see in this image my skin is so much calmer, it’s unbelievable how it looks compared to just 3 days ago!

Day 5 Looking Good!

This is the first day I felt I was able to wear make up and apply it properly.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my treatment journey! I must say I am really pleased with the results I have experienced after one treatment. The first two days were a little uncomfortable, but given the full healing time was one week, I think that’s pretty amazing.

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Eight Acne Myths & Treatments You Should Know

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Acne Treatments at Simply Skin Laser Clinic Oldham

Eight Acne Myths & Treatments You Should Know

Acne Myth 1: You can’t wear make-up if suffering from acne.

Some make-up can irritate your acne,  the best make up would ideally be mineral based but obviously if the individual is self conscious and would like a heavier coverage we would suggest something called Lycogel Breathable Foundation. It has a 30spf, is waterproof and it has anti-inflammatory properties so it will calm sore spots.

Acne Myth 2: Sunscreen can aggravate your acne.

Usually sun creams are very oily and greasy and of course should be avoided by acne suffers or even people with oily skin. Heliocare offer an amazing oil-free range which would be perfect for your skin, ask us about our fantastic range when you visit our clinic.

Acne Myth 3: Stress causes acne.

Our bodies react to stress in a number of ways such as loosing weight, putting on weight, skin breakouts. Although this is true for some it is not the same for every acne sufferer.

Acne Myth 4: Eating chocolate can give you acne.

Some studies have shown that products containing milk may influence acne due to the hormones and bacteria in the milk. It’s true that it may be a good idea to rule out dairy and see if helps, but the facts based on this theory are not very strong.

Acne Myth 5: You have acne because you’re not washing enough.

This is a horrid misconception that is placed upon people with acne. In actual fact acne suffers tend to wash their face too much, which can actually dry the skin and impair the barrier and then lead to more spots or sore and sensitive skin. Washing twice a day is ideal.

Acne Myth 6: Acne will go away by itself over time.

Salicylic acid is a highly recommended for the treatment of acne, it can be found in a variety of acne products including cleansers, lotions, peels and more. Medication may also be necessary in some cases as Acne is very complex. The choice of treatment will be based on a number of factors including time suffered, age and lifestyle.

Acne Myth 7: Acne is just a cosmetic problem.

Acne can develop at any age and the specific cause is still unknown, but left untreated it can result in scaring which can significantly effect your confidence. We understand how acne can effect your life and that’s why we always recommend seeking knowledgable and caring treatment.

Acne Myth 8: Adults can’t get acne.

This isn’t true. Many adults complain about getting acne in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. The acne doesn’t look the same way however and is usually around the chin and appears like hard lumps under the skin, but this is still acne.

Acne should not be left untreated as it may lead scarring which can be very difficult to treat in the future as well as causing unhappiness to the sufferer.

At Simply Skin Oldham we offer free Acne consultations to assess your needs and together will tailor a treatment plan just for you.

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